The Integrated Recovery Network Recovers Lost Lives

The Integrated Recovery Network helps people who have been homeless with housing, access to health care and jobs. We are a comprehensive, integrated network of community-based outpatient treatment providers, community clinics and permanent supportive housing organizations in Los Angeles County, that systematically addresses the needs of homeless and formerly homeless people who have co-occurring mental illness and addiction.

Our mission is to provide homeless individuals with housing and high quality, continuous, integrated care that addresses their addiction, medical and mental health. Recovery includes financial stability, either benefits or employment.

The Integrated Recovery Network provides treatment and integrates existing providers so that individuals who have been chronically homeless can be more effectively treated.

We are dedicated to making a lasting difference for those who would fall through the cracks between services.

The Integrated Recovery Network treatment produces more successful results and at a much lower cost to the public.

$16,000 per person = one time cost


$96,000 a year in public costs per person to re-arrest, re-book,
re-try, re-incarcerate, and re-medicate the same people over and over again.

Source: Economic Roundtable 2010

Watch the 2-minute intro video:

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